Rocket League: 8 Tips to Beat your Friends

Who’d of thought that in 2015 everyone would be obsessed with a physics-based football game that used high-powered cars instead of flimsy humans. Rocket League’s simplistic and unfairly fun gameplay may be perfect for the likes of YouTube Let’s Plays and public tournaments, but how can you guarantee that it’s your friends finishing in humiliation after a 10-0 loss? Confessions of a Gamer Girl is proud to present you with eight quick fixes to ensure that your battle car always come out as MVP. 


Guide Contents

  • Don’t use the ‘Ball Cam’
  • Be aggressive
  • Don’t always aim for the 1st touch
  • Stay behind the ball
  • Learn how to fly
  • Position the ball instead of hogging it
  • Use the wall to avoid pile ups
  • Master your handbrake manoeuvres



RL cam

My first tip for you is a much argued and discussed feature of Rocket League, and one which is entirely subjective to the player – Camera style. You have two options that can be switched at the hit of a button – regular camera (forward facing with a compass aimed at the ball’s whereabouts) or the unique Ball Cam (a locking camera which constantly focuses on the ball).

Each come with their own Pros and Cons, they can be difficult to drive in a straight line, and there is an inability to calculate trajectories/angles from such an unnatural position, but the choice is entirely your own. My suggestion? Use a healthy combination of them both, but primarily the forward facing camera when trying to complete specific attack and scoring manoeuvres. Don’t forget to tap on your Ball Cam whenever you’re lost on the pitch and want a quick fix back onto the action.



RL aggressive

One of the most recommended styles of play in Rocket League relies on bold offensive tactics. In simpler terms; be as aggressive and violent as your team/scoreboard requires. A brutally placed turbo boost into your friend’s bonnet will wipe them clean from the game, forcing them to respawn back in their own segment of the arena.

Filling your boost meter to 100% and charging full speed into your opponents will not only cause them to spin wildly out of control and completely decimate them, but will give you greater freedom to plan your next move free from distractions. But use this tactic wisely: only play to destroy your opponents when they are on the attack, as it will respawn them back into their own territory and remove them from the action. Hit them when you’re on the attack and they’ll only respawn in a stronger defensive position.



RL 1st

As with real life, there is a time and a place to be aggressive. In Rocket League, you definitely need to pick your battles strategically. As previously mentioned, maim and mangle your enemies when it suits your defensive needs, but more often than not your team will prefer a player who can avoid all out warfare. It may be tempting to aim for that game changing goal smash, but with your first touch of the game it may serve you better to hang back and wait your turn.

There is only one reason to rush the ball: if you know you’re going to get there first. This is a very precise process but almost always guarantees results. Start by charging the entirety of your boost towards the ball, and I mean all of it. When you get within meters of the ball, release the boost button and remain at a fast pace until you make contact. This should not only mean that you’ll get to the ball first, but it will also elevate the ball enough to get it over the opposing team and (more often than not) into the net. Again, only attempt if you have high confidence in your button control, otherwise this can lead to frustrating results, such as crossbar failure or centre point carnage.



RL walls

Chance can often play a fundamental role in the outcome of your match, but it can also have a wicked side if Lady Luck turns and suddenly your ricocheting balls are costing you serious goals. Stay clear from fight scenes and pointless attempts at shooting. Opt instead to try and predict the nature of where the ball will land. Being in the centre of chaos won’t help your game, so find the time and space to breathe and focus on where the ball is travelling towards.

Key tip: Never focus on the first touch, but make it priority to get the last touch. Keep play on target and under control. The majority of the time, the midfield line is the perfect area to plan your next move and consider ways of drawing the ball into your more desirable half. Sitting here patiently may even allow you to line up the perfect shot on target – proving that perhaps teamwork does pay off.



RL fly

If you’re new to Rocket League, the idea of flying is pretty exciting. But you’re into a world of pain unless you’ve spent some well placed time in the 1v1 training modes provided. Learn how to predict the ball physics as well as your competence with car/ball handling before you begin your own aerial strikes.

When you’re confident on the flow and actions of the ball, you’re ready to get off the ground. Master your double jumps and get your boost meter to full and you’ll soon see your car soaring towards undeniable victory. Once you’re a keen Rocket League-er, you’ll soon discover that aerial hits are the most beneficial goal tactic for your team as it makes defensive manoeuvres far more difficult… Just make sure you know how to do them first.



RL position

As a side effect from many decades of gameplay incentives, you may feel that amassing great deals of XP and bonuses mean that you’re doing something correctly. Unfortunately, aside from leveling up, the XP system ultimately means sod all in terms of your enjoyment and shouldn’t necessarily be the primary goal of your in-game choices. Don’t ruin a perfectly good game by trying to be the only MVP on the pitch.

To avoid meaningless XP exercises such as First Touches and ball hogging, try to move slower with the ball and set up more assists for other team members. This tip works particularly well if you’re dealing with a car clusterfuck and your involvement in the action is essentially cannon fodder. Pass that ball and get yourself into a more rewarding position.



RL walls2

If you’ve read this far into the guide, you will have encountered a common downside to Rocket League: pile ups are a matchly occurrence. You may be happily minding your own business when some over-cocky opponent decides to T-bone the side of your truck and wipe you off the pitch. It’s not fun for anyone.

To avoid these situations, use the arena to your advantage by getting up on those walls. Travel up the vertical space provided to surpass those players stuck to the safety of the grass and get around the game with ease. This works when taking the ball midair to avoid collisions on the ground, as you’re able to follow the path of the ball without spiraling off in a different direction.



RL handbrake

In a game designed for imagination and creativity, why am I telling you to stick to such boring actions such as handbraking and pace? Well, much like any racing/driving simulator, the best way to get your car around the sandbox effectively is to powerslide that bitch into oblivion.

Not only will your vehicle turn significantly faster and with far more precision than a regular 3-point turn, but you’ll also find that it can get you out of particularly hairy fights when you see someone supercharging in your direction. Keep a confident finger on the handbrake button and never be afraid to do a bit of drifting, you’ll never know how satisfying it is to whack the ball into the net with your backside unless you try it.

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