7 Things We Want From Mafia 3

Mafia 3 is on its way ladies and gentlemen. Pegged for a rumoured Q1 release in 2016, its time to start speculating on what 2K may be adding (or improving upon) from 2010’s positively received, Mafia 2. We may only know a small amount about their Vietnam War-stricken protagonist and the seedy underbelly of a racially charged New Orleans we will soon all be playing in, but what I can do is list a bunch of things we’d love to see as 2K move their highly successful Mafia series into its next phase. Continue reading


Rocket League: 8 Tips to Beat your Friends

Who’d of thought that in 2015 everyone would be obsessed with a physics-based football game that used high-powered cars instead of flimsy humans. Rocket League’s simplistic and unfairly fun gameplay may be perfect for the likes of YouTube Let’s Plays and public tournaments, but how can you guarantee that it’s your friends finishing in humiliation after a 10-0 loss? Confessions of a Gamer Girl is proud to present you with eight quick fixes to ensure that your battle car always come out as MVP.  Continue reading

Less DLC please, we’re skint.

With DLC clogging up Marketplaces as far as the eye can see, The Apathetic Gamer discusses their impact on our gameplay experience and whether we’re actually getting everything we believe we’re owed with from money.  Continue reading


Fictitious Video Game Awards – The COAGG E3 Round-Up

It’s E3 Season and it’s time to get my ill-informed opinions out onto the internet for the whole world to judge. Read more to see my winners and losers of E3 2015. Continue reading


“Ich Bin Ein Berliner!!” – Europe’s Greatest Video Game Museum

This week, instead of the usual Confession, we get a little bit cultural following a visit to the European Video Game Museum in Berlin!  Continue reading


Women in FIFA: Don’t be dicks about it.

The football-simulator-sport-lad-grass industry has decided to acknowledge that women exist. What does this mean for the future of one of the most unexplainably successful video game franchises in the world?  Continue reading