REVIEW: Tales From The Borderlands Episode 4

In this episode, our adventures take their knack for drawn out dialogue up to Planet Helios where they continue to talk. And then they walk a bit. Maybe talk a bit more.  Continue reading


Review: Tales From The Borderlands Episode 3

The newest episode of Tales from the Borderlands hits our screens this week and I mostly discussed how sexually appealing I find Handsome Jack. Especially now he’s dead. Continue reading

Review: Huniepop

Wow, I’m really going to admit to playing this game, on the Internet as well, aren’t it? Jesus, what have I sunk to? And what’s worse… I really enjoyed it. Please don’t read this Mum.  Continue reading


Review: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Like previous counterparts, 2K decided to continue the franchise with a game that enjoyed making my console/television second guess their frame-rate possibilities with balls-to-the-wall action scenes that were truly spectacular.  Continue reading