“Ich Bin Ein Berliner!!” – Europe’s Greatest Video Game Museum

This week, instead of the usual Confession, we get a little bit cultural following a visit to the European Video Game Museum in Berlin! 


Playing Asteroids the way God intended it.

This past week, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of touring one of the most beautiful and culturally inspiring capitals based in Europe – Berlin!

As well as being emotionally moved by the nations war scars and eating Currywurst until my stomach begged for death, I visited the incredibly stocked Computerspielemuseum, otherwise known as “The Video Game Museum”. Sounds dreamy, right?

I’ll let the Museum explain what they offer you inside, as I simply couldn’t put it any better…

“Full rarities and curiosities from 60 years of development history of the Games. More than 300 exhibits, rare originals, playable classic interactive game objects and art productions, the world of gaming people in the 21st century can arise.”


Three of the world’s most famous female gaming icons.

From the second you walk into the main museum hall, it’s tough to forget what you paid the entry price for – every wall is covered in shrines and memorabilia dating back to decades previously.

Walking through the whole museum itself, you’re taken on a hypnotising journey through the evolution of video games and technology without even realising. As a gamer and lover of gaming culture, it was thrilling to jump from consoles and games to the next one without even realising you were travelling through years of hard work and coding.

One of the most heart warming moments is spotting your favourites decorating the walls as spectacular examples of what the gaming community has to offer – World of Warcraft, the long-lost E.T, even Zork and an untouchable Pong arcade machine.


Situated at the entrance of the museum, this worked as a… Link To The Past…

This was no video game lusting museum; from the off this was a real, first class hommage to the true joy of playing video games. Even the staff were seen playing on the collection and taking pleasure in showing lesser informed visitors how to tackle each interactive workshop – thankful without all of the arrogance one would usually expect from certain gamers.

It would take literal decades to talk you through every single thing I experienced my brief time at the Computerspielemuseum, and the short video montage created below only seeks to enhance your need to blow your life savings and buy a one way ticket to the front door.

What’s most important is that the good people of German, for whatever reason, chose to show off video games for what is really important – their effect on the human race and the positive aspects we’re all familiar with.

Danke Computerspielemuseum.

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