I have no inclination to own Next Gen anytime soon.

It was going to happen eventually. Everyone talks about Next Gen at some point, right? So let’s just get this over and done with – it’s all the same old bollocks to me. 

I was one of those people who stayed up ridiculously early in the morning to watch all of the E3 announcements for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. And if you know me in the slightest, you’ll automatically know that I always avoid everything Nintendo related; that’s just not my scene. But unfortunately, having sidestepped whatever Wii fuckery was happening that year, I was still sorely disappointed.

dont care

A pretty accurate summation of my feelings towards Next Gen.

I enjoyed seeing the CAPABILITIES of the new machines. I really liked the new LOOKS of the consoles. And mostly I fucking loved all of the TROLLS on the internet tearing each presentation down word for word… but that was about as far as my excitement took me.

Not once since that fateful week in 2013 have I felt tempted to reach for my melting debit card and willingly hand over money to Microsoft and Sony for their new boxes of fun. Why? Because they’re fucking pointless to me.

It’s here I feel that I should point something out: the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are amazing pieces of technology and I thoroughly enjoy jumping on them whenever I’m in the presence of a console. But I do not want one. I do not need one. And I will not fall in line to buy one.

I mean, look at my console history, I really haven’t owned that many. I never upgraded my PS2 for a 3 when it came out as I was still having too much fun with the now ‘outdated’ machine. Same with my Xbox 360. I must have replaced and repaired that thing about 10 times, but it suits every single need I have regarding gaming and entertainment in general.

As someone who plays games as and when she can, with frequent trips to the Marketplace and an embarrassing amount of time spent in the Netflix app, why do I need an Xbox One to do all of this when I’m perfectly capable as I am? I’m never going to play Kinect (did it once, it went horribly for all parties involved), and I’m certainly never going to feel comfortable enough with talking to machines so I’d much rather nip that in the butt before it even begins.


It’s safe to say my happiness peaked at Xbone.

Either way, next gen consoles are not on my radar and won’t be for a long time as long as game publishers and developers keep previous gen consoles in mind – see 2K, who released Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on the older consoles… THANK GOD.

I know one day I will have one in my possession, but that will only be when a game comes out that I simply MUST HAVE, and even then it’s a big ask for me to pay over £300 to play a new game judging that I’ll have to buy the whole damn console just to support it. Who knows, maybe I’ll win a competition somewhere down the line and be given one, as I’m sure as hell not happy to shell out the money to get one at the moment.

Also, INB4 console war discussion. I frankly couldn’t give a shit which is better than the other.

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